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Dropshipping tools that I use to generate and automate a £40K/Month Sales eBay Business

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In this article I want to share with you the best softwares and tools that I personally use to help me manage and automate my eBay dropshipping business in ebay UK.

But before we start with it I want to stand by my words so please have a look at my sales on ebay for my last 12 months so you know it´s going to give you some value spending your time in reading this article in full.

Dropshipping on eBay last 12 months Paypal Screenshoot , Automated eBay Business

During a period of 16 months I have been able to create a business in eBay that has been able to replace my full time job and start earning my income working from home.

Don’t take me wrong you won’t be able to create this business only with the tools but using the right softwares for your ebay ecommerce venture is a great help and can save you a lot of time and money.

Below is a list of the different tools you need to be able to run a dropshipping business on ebay as well as my recommendations on what softwares you need to use and which one’s you need to avoid.

eBay Listing tools:

In my opinion out of all ebay seller tools that I am going to mention in this article the most important one is without a doubt the ebay listing tools or ebay inventory management tool.

Why using an ebay advanced listing tool is important if you want to be successful dropshipping on ebay?

There are many things that can go wrong when doing dropshipping i.e. Supplier is Out of Stock , Product has gone up on price and you didn´t modify the price on your eBay listing and therefore are making a loss on your sale and many more , that´s why having a good list management software is crucial for your ebay business.

For traditional ecommerce business where they hold their inventory using the Free ebay turbo lister software is perfect as they don´t need to worry about price changes , shipping times etc. But for us , the listing tool that we are going to use needs to be able to do more than that in order to be able to compile with the eBay rules in order to maintain a healthy eBay account that will generate sales day after day.

What features a listing software needs to have to be the best ebay listing software?

First of all unfortunately there isn´t a free ebay listing software that will have all of this features or requirements that I need to be able to run my business properly on eBay , you can do it manually but this will take a lot of time and you really want to be able to automate your ebay dropshipping business as much as possible so you can create another stream of income , you know the saying “don´t put all your eggs in the same basket”.

To be able to manage your ebay store properly your ebay listing program needs be able to do the following.

  • Needs to have a good ebay pricing tool: needs to be able to react quickly to any price changes of your suppliers , especially if you doing amazon to ebay dropshipping as the prices on amazon change a lot during the day so you want to have a ebay third party listing tool that checks the items listed on your store as many times as possible during the day.
  • eBay Listing Builder: Needs to be able to provide you with the ability to upload inventory to ebay directly from it , this way you will be able to easily create your ebay listing by using the link from your supplier without having to download the images or description.
  • Free ebay listing templates: Another must is the ability to use listing templates for ebay free and therefore your listing software should be able to provide you with Free ebay listing templates to make your listing look more professional and therefore increase the conversion and sales.
  • eBay Bulk Lister or Automatic eBay Lister:  Bulk listing is something very profitable if done right therefore your software needs to have an ebay quick listing tool.

Currently for my ebay store I use 2 different listing softwares due to my strategy as I like to have a mix of amazon to ebay items as well as using 3rd party suppliers to increase my profit margin , below you will find this 2 softwares and why is it that I use 2 different ebay inventory management tools.

Amazon to eBay Lister:


Best ebay listing software

There are many tools out there that will support amazon as a supplier as Amazon to ebay dropshipping is probably the easiest way to start generating sales for your ebay dropshipping business.

I have used many softwares in my 16 months of experience on eBay but I coudn´t find a listing software that will track my amazon to ebay listings every hour and that I didn´t have pay a fortune for it as the margins in the dropshipping business are small as you know.

Until I found Autodstools , which for me , is the best ebay listing tool for your amazon to eBay listings and believe I did try a few softwares before I decided to stick with them , below are the main reasons as to why I think this is the best Amazon to ebay lister.

  • Their eBay pricing tool or Monitor will reprice your ebay listings in under an hour
  • They don´t support many suppliers like other listing softwares but they make sure their software works perfectly with the one´s they support , is by far the one that has caused less Out of Stock problems for my Amazon to eBay listings.
  • Their eBay inventory management tool allows you to easily upload your products to eBay quickly and they also have a bulk listing software which is great when you want to bulksell instead of single listing.
  • Their monitor allow you to remove listings that haven´t been sold automatically , you decide when you want an ebay listing to be ended and Autodstools will do it for you , you only need to set ut the parameters you would like the listing software to work with (Views ,Sales ,Watchers)
  • Their provide listing templates for ebay free to make your listings look professional.
  • Their monitor can auto increase or lower the price of your listing automatically.
  • They also provide an auto ordering service built in.
  • Their Customer Support is Excellent.

Believe me when I say Autodstools is the best ebay listing tool for amazon , I have used others in the past like DSM tool or Skugrid and this is by far that has caused the less problems,

Register or Move your current listings to AutoDS

3rd Party Suppliers to eBay Listing Software:

Back when I started dropshipping on ebay I used Hydra Lister and Skugrid as my listings tools , they were best ebay listing software in 2016.

During the summer of 2017 I had many problems with my ebay listings as they were showing Out Of Stock in my ebay store but my supplier had them in stock , so I contacted Skugrid to see why my ebay listings were having this issues and because their Customer Service was non existent I decided to swap over to HGR (Hustle Got Real) Software for my 3rd party listings and since then I have been using them.

The reason why I highly recommend Hustle Got Real (HGR) is because it is a much easier software to use than Skugrid and they are updating their suppliers in UK and US to be able to provide dropshipper with a wider range but the Key Features for what I chose this software from others are:

  • Has an ebay title builder built on it which will help you to easily and quickly create your ebay listings
  • Their eBay pricing tool or Monitor will reprice your ebay listings in under 2 hours.
  • Their Pricing is very reasonable compared to the other Listing Softwares in the market , they even give you a 30 ebay listings for FREE to try them.
  • They have a bulk listing software built in which allows you to do ebay batch listing.
  • They have a feature called price warrior which will help your listings to stay competitive in price.
  • They accept request for new suppliers and they also offer a paid service if you need this supplier to be added quicker (normally in 24 hours).
  • They also have Free Professional eBay templates.

List 30 Items on eBay for FREE today Using HGR

Favourite softwares to create selling titles for ebay dropshipping:

In order to generate sales on ebay you need to know what sells on ebay but it´s not enough finding the best selling items you also need to be able to create a title that sells on ebay and this is even more important when doing dropshipping on ebay as will help you to be ahead of the competition.

The most important part of the title on ebay are the 4 first words , they need to describe the item that you are selling perfectly so focus your efforts on finding this keywords and make sure to think as a buyer.

The best tools to find what keywords are in demand or have the most traffic on ebay are Title Builder and the eBay search bar.

Title Builder is a great Tool to find that extra keywords that will bring you more traffic , but I strongly suggest you to think for yourself this key first 4 words of your eBay listing title as they will make the difference.

Title Builder Results for ebay dropshipping titles

Another great way to find relevant keywords is by using the eBay Search bar as it helps the buyer on eBay to better find the item that they are looking for see example below:

ebay search results for ebay dropshipping

As you can see the eBay search is giving you and advise on what people are likely to search for so you can utilize this and add this to your titles which will result on more views and therefore more sales.

Auto Ordering Software for eBay Dropshipping

I am not going to lie , if I didn´t have this software I would probably have to spend a good few hours doing the daily sales , tedious and boring job that now thanks to The Va Ninja I don´t need to worry about anymore.

The Va Ninja

But you told us that Autodstools has an auto ordering system built in , why are you not using them to do your orders for your ebay dropshipping business?

Well the answer it´s simple this amazon to ebay auto ordering tool it´s especially built in for the UK Market , and has many features that you need if you are VAT registered seller which ,if you are successful , you will be in no time.

Here are the reasons why I use The VA Ninja:

  • The orders are done almost instantly , I think the longest one took them 5 min , How cool is that?
  • They provide invoices with your Business Address , something that if you are ordering from amazon using Giftcards it´s quite difficult to achieve.
  • They check if the Amazon Seller is VAT reg and if not they will advise you and you then can manually check and add the seller onto a white list.
  • Their interface and user experience it´s super easy to use and their support it´s amazing.
  • They allow you to download a CSV with all your ebay sales for the day , and they also calculate the profit from each sale automatically.
  • If you are selling in the ebay UK you probably are aware that for items over 20£ you need to provide a valid tracking number in order to qualify for the premium service and receive a discount on your eBay Fee , well they have created a FREE Software which will auto upload the tracking numbers for your Amazon Items.

Tracking Pidgeon Automatic Tracking for eBay Dropshipping

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I hope you find this information useful and if you would like to know how to start your Online dropshipping business on eBay Today I have put a FREE GUIDE together for you as well so you can start on the right path.

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