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Zik Analytics best software to find selling products on eBay in 2018

July 16, 2018
Zik Analytics ebay Dropshipping Software

eBay Dropshipping has been around for quite long time and lots of softwares have been created to try to automate or help you in some parts of this business , well if you are looking for a software which helps you to find the best selling products on eBay then look no further Zik Analytics is the best software you can find in the market.

This tool is run by dropshippers and in a very short time has become the number one tool for any ebay dropshipper out there , even better than Terapeak which was the best tool to find the selling products on eBay but it has been bought by eBay at the beginning of this year and some features like competitor research have been modified and are no longer useful for ebay dropshippers.


What Type of Software is Zik Analytics?

Zik Analytics is a ebay market research tool that will help you to find what to sell on ebay and how to sell it as well , The People behind Zik Analytics are dropshippers which makes this tool especial and one of the best for this type of online business.

Why Zik Analytics is the Best eBay Research Tool in the market?

Below you can find the main reasons why Zik Analytics is the best software to find Winning Products in Ebay:

  • Made by dropshippers: to help them finding what and how to sell on ebay
  • FREE Course: 2018 Free Ebay Dropshipping Course which will help you to start with this online business model and avoid countless time of Youtube Videos
  • Category Research: The Possibility to Scan one Category and find the best selling products on ebay for this category.
  • Market Research: Use the Date to list a product , with Market Research you can find how well an item is doing on eBay , no more guess work.
  • Competitor Research: Check other dropshippers and see what products are they selling on ebay in the last 7 , 14 ,21 or 30 days.
  • Store Analytics : Great Tool which will help you to understand important eBay metrics of your ebay store like Sell Trough Rate , Number of Products Listed , Revenue and much more
  • Live Webinars/Q&A from Successful Dropshippers weekly : As mentioned before the owner of the tool is a dropshipper itself and it is constantly providing up to date information as well as doing Q&A Sessions in the Facebook Group to help the community and answer any questions you may have.
  • Private Facebook Group: Excellent Community , you can post your questions and be sure that they will be answered , it is a very active eBay dropshipping community.
  • Private Mentoring to Skyrocket your eBay Dropshipping Business : Gurus sometimes charge a lot of money for private lessons , inside Zik Analytics you will find group of proven successful dropshippers that will help you to skyrocket your ebay business and take it to the next level for an small fee in exchange of their time , much better than random Gurus in facebook or youtube which you don’t know nothing about them.

Why Every eBay Dropshipper needs to use Zik Analytics?

It is clear that you can find products to sell on ebay by just using the ebay website itself , but here are the main reasons why you need to use Zik analytics:

  • Will help you to understand what to sell on ebay quicker than doing it manually and will also help you to create titles that are proven to sell which will make your items to stand up from the competition and rank better in the Search Results in ebay
  • It also has a Bulk Scanner which will allow you to scan one of your competitors ebay shop and find their eBay best Selling products in minutes which then you can upload to your shop and make a profit from them too.
  • They have a FREE 7 Days Trial which will give you plenty of time to use the software , find the best selling products on eBay and list them in your eBay Store.

Is there any Coupon Code For Zik Analytics

We know that Dropshipping on eBay it’s hard at the beginning so we have secured a deal with Zik Analytics which will give $5 off from your first month , use the link below:


After registration just open the chat window and say your come from home dropshipper and they will take 5$ off from your first month , basically a 5$ discount code for Zik Analytics

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